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January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month!

Did you know January is human trafficking awareness month? In Texas alone, an estimated 313,000 people are victims of human trafficking. Many survivors report being seen by a medical professional during their trafficking experience. If you are a healthcare provider, you will most likely encounter these patients during your career. Will you know how to recognize them? Join us this Tuesday, 1/26, for a free virtual training on recognizing and responding to human trafficking in a healthcare setting. It is designed for medical students, but any healthcare providers or students are welcome!

Big thank you to Unbound and the TCEP MSC for partnering with Trafficking in Medical Education - TIME for this upcoming training session! Sign-Up:

--------------------------------------------------- What: TIME is a non-profit based in Fort Worth, TX which works to set up human trafficking recognition training at medical schools across Texas and across the country. When: Tuesday, January 26th from 6:00-7:30PM CST Where:

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